Every season, newlywed brides await for new bridal collections to choose their precious dress that will make them the star of the wedding.

America is a large, diverse country, filled with people with different origins, ethnicities, religions, cultures and lifestyles that have inspired bridal collections. But one of America’s most fascinating facts, is to witness how traditions adapt to modern times and specially, to see how wedding gowns from the amazing bridal collections adapt to fashion trends without losing some of their time-honored traditions.

The evolution of bridal collections through the years

Bridal wear has come a long way over the centuries. The styles of “traditional” wedding dresses has changed over the years, from shoulder pads to long sleeves, and from formal petticoats to strapless princess dresses and even colors!

Can you imagine a bride in the 1950’s even dreaming of wearing a wedding gown of a bridal collection like the ones modern brides are wearing today?

In the 17th century, the bride wore ornately decorated dresses, often in different colors, because back then, it was popular for a bride to wear her best dress, no matter the color. But later on, Queen Victoria was credited for popularizing the white wedding dress after her own wedding, where she wore an ivory silk wedding gown to marry Prince Albert in 1840. Her bridal style was soon copied by mayor bridal collections of different designers. White wedding dresses took off in the middle of the 19th century.

The new era of bridal collections

The 20’s were a time of beauty and fun, no doubt why the 20s style bridal collections continue to be one of the most iconic and are still in vogue. Elaborate headpieces began to appear, from diamond tiaras and floral pieces to delicate hairpins and crowns, often worn with a veil.

Wedding gowns have historically showcased the economic status of the bride’s family.

Brides became more adventurous with their wedding dress design, and during the 20’s and 30’s we even saw short white wedding dresses that cut just below the knee.

In the early 1940s weddings were celebrated during the war effort, so bridal collections designs reflect the time’s austerity. Many brides actually converted dresses they already owned.

Then the 50s arrived with more romantic and feminine wedding dresses, both Elizabeth Taylor’s dress worn in the movie Father of the Bride, and Jackie Kennedy’s gown became a huge influence on the decade’s bridal collections trends.

Non-white bridal looks were again popularized by Elizabeth Taylor’s own colorful wedding dress, when she chose to appear wearing a canary yellow chiffon dress and an elaborate floral hairpiece.

The 60’s and 70’s were a time of bold wedding designs that went from miniskirts and formal coat dresses to the 70s bridal collections that were all about high collars and long sleeves.

Brides began experimenting with non-traditional outfits until the 90s where off-the-shoulder bridal dresses in bridal collections gained popularity too.

What’s in store for the new bridal collection?

Couples, traditions and wedding gowns continue to change every day. The wedding dress designer and industry is still growing and we are all curious to see how these traditions will look like in the next decades.

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