Congratulations! You’re engaged! After the excitement of receiving the ring, comes all the planning, which can be long and overwhelming to say the least. We are sure you’ll want to get things done right and on time, so picking the right moment to buy your wedding dress is essential.

Search for the best wedding dress

So, if we’re working with the traditional 1-year time frame to plan the wedding, you should be buying your wedding gown with at least 12 to 8 months in advance; because wedding dress shopping is exciting and full of fantasy, but it’s not an easy task!

If you are about to start searching for your dreamed dress, making a wedding dress timeline might come in handy and will help you to ensure that you don’t skip any important step. Shopping for wedding dresses is more than simply walking into a bridal dress store and choosing a random dress off the rack.

Finding a dress for wedding that fits your budget, personal style and that will be ready for your wedding day may take a little bit longer than you imagine; so it definitely needs planning. And we promise it will be worth it!

Before hitting the stores, it is a good idea to make your budget clear, so you won’t run the risk of falling in love with a wedding gown that is way beyond your means. Also, you might want to consider your colors, keeping in mind the location, season and style of your ceremony.

When the time comes, you will need to gather a few of your favorite friends and family members and head to the wedding dress boutiques. If you want to have a better service and the least amount of stress; it is advisable to make a phone call in advance and let them know you’re coming.

Say yes to the wedding dress

It’s always a good idea to try on different styles to make sure you’ve picked out “the one”. You might even want to give a chance to that dress that otherwise you wouldn’t touch, it may be a pleasant surprise!  Don’t be afraid to visit multiple salons during this time and shop around. It’s totally okay to take your time to decide on your wedding dress, and… don’t stress, you don’t have to know exactly what you want.

Once you’ve made the final decision on a wedding dress, you’ll need to put an order; custom-made designer wedding dresses can take up to six months to be built and shipped to your salon. After you’ve placed the order, you can go ahead and pick out the shoes and accessories you’ll wear on your big day, including hair accessories, jewels, sashes, etc in bridal shops NYC. It is also a good idea to choose and purchase the undergarments you’ll wear before your first fitting appointment.

Brides typically have around three fittings to ensure the wedding dress fits like a glove; your dress will be tailored to your shape in these appointments. After your final fitting, you will finally be able to take your dress home! So finding a designated spot to keep it safe until the wedding is also a must; remember your future husband is not allowed to see it yet!

Find your wedding dress in one of the best bridal boutiques in New York and become the protagonist of your wedding day with an outfit that everyone will remember.

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