Who says boho dresses can’t also be sophisticated? Check out our Dalia dress! This astonishing chiffon wedding dress features a lace bustier underneath a draped bodice, beautiful V-neck and a cape. These gives the Dalia dress all what it needs to become your dreamed dress for the big day.

Why has the Dalia dress become a bride’s dream?

If you’ve been described as a carefree, non-traditional, confident woman, maybe you should take a look into our Dalia dress. This whimsical, romantic, boho-inspired wedding dress may be just what you’re looking for! The perfect dress for free-spirited brides who want to look effortlessly chic!

Designer Gustavo Nuñez is the genie behind Verdin Bridal’s fantastic wedding dresses designs. He once described his vision as romantic and timeless. Classic bride looks are paired with classic silhouettes with modern details. Gustavo creates wedding gowns with dramatic sleeves or necklines, detachable trains, dimensional textured flowers and other whimsical details.

Verdin Bridal’s wedding dresses collections are close to Gustavo’s roots, when he watched his mother design women’s sportwear in Mexico. Later, he moved to L.A. to pursue his dream in the fashion industry and, eventually, he arrived in New York. His designs include hand embroideries, seductive silhouettes, transparent layers and other unique details. Just like the elegant cape of the Dalia dress.


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With the Dalia dress brides will feel like royalty

If you’re feeling like challenging traditional gowns but still want to keep close to your dreamed dress, take a look at Verdin Bridal’s collection. This dress is über feminine and flattering – there’s just something about this dress and its cape.

A cape is an ideal complement, it gives the dress a touch of tradition and glamour. Capes in wedding dresses designs have been around for a long time; but for some reason, it was unusual to find them in modern designs until recently. Currently, we can admire other beautiful wedding gown designs with capes in tulle, lace, chiffon and other flattering materials.

Gustavo Nuñez has talked about his favorite designs, and he mentioned the Dalia dress as one of his favorites. The dress and the cape can be worn to the ceremony and then taken off for the reception. These unique characteristic gives the dress a two-in-one look, as it is still a beautiful dress to show. He describes the Dalia dress as sexy, sophisticated and elegant. This dress is a proof of Gustavo’s skills in draping, couture techniques and appreciation for details.


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Where to buy the Dalia dress by Verdin Bridal?

So if you are a bride-to be interested in the Dalia dress or any other Verdin Bridal gown you can look at them in the best bridal boutiques in NYC. For more locations and trunk shows schedules, you can visit the website www.verdinnewyork.com or follow us on Instagram @verdinbridal.