One of the biggest challenges for a bride is finding the perfect dress for wedding. Looking for the perfect wedding gown for the big day is not only hard, but exhausting.

Some brides love simple, traditional dresses, while others do not feel plain white is quite right, and a pretty floral wedding dress could be just the thing.

Flowers on your wedding dress is a touch of delicacy!

Who says you can only carry flowers on your wedding day?

You can wear them too! Whether you choose classiness and floral dreaminess, as seen on our “Hope” dress, or 3-D floral appliqués as found in our stunning “Grace” dress for wedding (from our Resilience Spring 2023 Bridal Collection), floral lace embroidery or even colorful hand painted flowers. Everybody loves wedding dresses with floral designs and every designer wedding dresses know that flowers make everything more feminine, ethereal and romantic.


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Dress: Grace

The Resilience Collection – Spring 2023

This beautiful dress will make you look delicate and elegant.

Its romantic silhouette will bring out the best in you.

Floral bridal dresses work for any wedding theme or venue, even though they’re especially beautiful at garden or beach weddings, mostly at any ceremony that takes guests outside! That’s why bridal designers like to add some floral motifs into their collections.

Fresh flowers even for modern dresses for wedding!

Modern brides are bolder, more creative, ditching tradition in favor of unique ideas for their weddings. Also, social media is taken into account more than ever, brides want to wow their friends and every person who looks at her pictures, so, while simple, white wedding gowns will always be in style, some girls want punchier and bolder details into their dress. Flowers, stitched into intricate embroideries, woven into delicate lace or appliqued in silk blooms can provide that ephemeral beauty whose charm will never fade.


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Una publicación compartida de Verdin Bridal (@verdinbridal)

Dress: Hope

The Resilience Collection – Spring 2023

Dreamy floral motifs are everything!

The greatest thing about floral wedding dresses is that these details work beautifully for any bride’s style, whether she has been dreaming about a traditional ceremony, a boho-chic, modern-day vintage or something more adventurous. Some Bridal Boutiques in New York can use flower motifs in so many different ways that there is an extraordinary variety of unique blooming gowns to choose from.

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