Once you start thinking about the big day an elephant comes into the room: wedding dress prices. Is it okay if you’ve been dreaming about a fantastic wedding gown that will probably cost a fortune? Or on the other hand, would it be okay if you do not want to spend the big bucks on your wedding dress? Is there a rule about how much it should cost?

Wedding dress prices vs. big day experience

Romanticism is deeply hopeful about marriage, but after the engagement excitement, we need to discuss many choices, including some really important topics, such as planning the big day, making a budget, deciding who will pay for what, designing the event and most importantly, choosing The Dress. How much should it cost? Have you ever thought about wedding dress prices?

Several researchers have discovered that it’s experiential purchases, and not possessions which make us the happiest. That being said, the truth is that there are no written rules for wedding dress prices. Of course, today’s couples come in all shapes and sizes, so deciding who will pay for the wedding robe should be a personal decision.

Traditionally, the bride and groom are supposed to be responsible for paying for what they will wear on the wedding party. Sometimes, the bride’s parents will help pay for her dress and accessories. The groom should pay for his own suit. Remember to include shoes, jewelry and a veil, wedding rings and every accessories you might need.


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Wedding dress prices

No matter the budget, many brides wonder what the average wedding dress price should be, in order to get an idea of what’s “reasonable”.

As we mentioned before, there are no written guidelines because there is no “average” cost for a wedding dress.

Wedding dresses prices depend on the fabric, the designer, your location and a few other factors. Recent statistics show that brides spend around $1,600 on a wedding dress – not including the accessories. Of course, there are different categories of wedding dresses: high-couture designs are sold from $2,000 to $4,000, but you can also find a more affordable bridal boutique where you can find dresses under $500.


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Forget the price, it is your day!

Wedding gowns are said to be the most important dress in the life of a woman, and it’s true. Wedding dresses aren’t just an outfit, they’re the outfit. But the price is not proportional to the way you will feel once you try it on.

So, when it comes to choosing your dress remember that even though you might love your look on your wedding day, there’s a chance you’ll have the what-was-I-thinking? moment in some years. Trends come and go no matter how much you spend, but your smile and the happiness in your face won’t fade over the years. Let’s give importance to what’s really important!