Short white wedding dresses, four words, many different opinions. Most brides feel intimidated only to think about the possibility of falling in love with one of these disruptive designs. Many more keep wondering if it would be appropriate to consider this option.

The truth is that short white dresses can be just as appropriate as conventional wedding gowns, and what’s more, they’re becoming more popular than ever before.

Keys to choose short white wedding dresses

When it comes to choosing wedding clothes, many couples guide themselves not only by fashion, but also by convention. This is the reason why we still see all these beautiful brides wearing spectacular long white dresses, veils, something borrowed, something new and something blue. And even though we are used to seeing these wedding dresses, it turns out you don’t have to look very far to find completely different options for bride’s attires.

Some brides tend to wear colored wedding dresses, others wear a short white wedding gown while some others are inclined to wear non-traditional looks. Today the rule is, there are no rules.

Of course, there are some basic “rules” that need to be considered before making-up your mind. First, when and where will the event be held? Daytime celebrations are usually less formal, while evening weddings (held after 6 p.m.) are typically more formal. Second, the wedding style.

For example, an outdoor wedding decorated with pots of wildflowers and fresh grilled food could perfectly match a lovely short white wedding dress. In the end, this is your big day and you should wear whatever your heart desires.

Not sure about what style of short white wedding dress suits your style?

Luckily, there’s a wide range of short white wedding dresses designs for you!  Whether you’ve decided to have a casual celebration or just want to make a fashion statement; there are plenty of options when it comes to selecting a dress that falls above your knees or ankles.

One of the most popular fabric choices when it comes to short white wedding dresses is lace, but tulle, satin and chiffon are great options too. Also, there are plenty of silhouette options and sleeve types to choose from. For semiformal to informal wedding parties, you can add short veils to your look, but no veils are also appropriate.

Whatever you decide, make sure that your beautiful short white wedding dress matches the style of the event!


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Short white wedding dresses hit the runways

In fact, mini wedding dresses have become one of the latest favorite trends among bridal designers, and the truck shows and fashion runways are evidence of it. Models and designers have declared themselves fans of calf-length dresses. They wedding robe any body type and any height. Plus, they say they’re fun to style, especially with these influencers’ favorite shoes, plus they’re the key to achieving the ever-flirty Latin chic.

Even Lily Aldridge has worn a fabulous short white wedding dress to one of the red carpets of the CFDA awards in New York City.

So, next time someone tries to make you change your mind, remember that this is not only is it your big day, but that you’re also making a fashion statement.


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