There is really no better place to find your dream wedding dress than New York Bridal shops.

The city is filled with high-end ateliers, classic bridal salons and up-and-coming designers to suit any bride’s dream. New York and cutting-edge fashion are synonymous and that’s why so many newly engaged brides decide to travel to find their dream wedding gown in the Big Apple.

Knowing what to expect before visiting the New York Bridal shops will avoid confusing, stressful and expensive situations when it comes to finding the perfect gown to fit your style.

Why to look in New York bridal shops?

At New York bridal shops you will find top-rated boutiques that are not only expertly curated with well-known bridal designers, but also cover all the bases required by the thousands of brides that visit the bridal boutiques expecting to find the widest selection of designers, impeccably personalized service, expert fit and familiar atmosphere.

New York bridal shops strive to make every bride and their friends feel comfortable. Their shopping experience allows you to relax and feel at home while you try on a variety of dresses that match your requirements. Remember the importance of scheduling private appointments in order to have the team’s full attention as they guide you through the plethora of options in front of you. Once you’ve chosen your dress, it can be tailored to your exact measurements so it fits perfectly come the big day. Additionally, the boutique´s team will also supply dress accessories such as veils, headbands, and belts to complete your look.


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What if I don’t have a previous appointment before visiting New York bridal shops?

A we stated before, t is usually best to make a previous appointment at the bridal shops. But still, there are a few places (more like a warehouse) that allow walk-ins where you can browse through the wedding gowns while you wait for a clerk to work with you. You’ll probably will not find the posh atmosphere of other bridal boutiques, but you will still be able to browse among a huge range of designers and probably get better prices than in the other boutiques. If you have a specific designer and style number that you want, bring it to them or researches the date of his next truck show.

Now, let’s talk about some common mistakes done when dress shopping if you do not know what you can be exposed to at New York bridal shops.

  • Amazing discounts. However, try not to be too tempted by the lure of that designer gown offering a 70% off. Many brides purchase a dress under the rush of an “only today” discount and finish regretting their decision.
  • Sample sales. This means the dress has been tried on by hundreds of brides, and could be torn, stained or damaged during the process. Sample sales are popular among brides, but before making a purchase, check the gown very carefully for any damage and, if it’s something that can’t be easily fixed, put it back.
  • Dresses you can’t afford. You’ll find stunning gowns way over your price range, but trying them on, even if it’s “just for fun” can lead to heartbreaking and disappointment. Make sure you’re completely sure about your budget before visiting the New York bridal boutiques. You need to be able to afford anything you try on.

Verdin Bridal Shops in NYC

So, be prepared, study, do your research and stablish a budget and go hit the New York bridal shops!


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Here’s a list of useful websites you can research at, in order to select some looks and ideas before you begin your dress-hunting quest: