Your wedding robe is a reminder of the day of your dreams. Once the “I do’s” have been said and that you’re back from your honeymoon, you may start to wonder what’s the best thing to do with your dress.

All the time, thought, money and illusions that went into choosing the perfect wedding gown can’t be forgotten after wearing it for one night. But if you think about it, this shouldn’t have to be the end for your beloved gown, seeing it will cause all the happy memories in it to come flooding back.

Luckily, there are many ways to preserve your wedding dress after your big day and to avoid leaving it in a plastic cover with the forgotten intention of getting it cleaned and preserved.

How to preserve your wedding robe correctly

One of the biggest mistakes many brides make is to leave their wedding dresses in a closet or in the back of a cupboard for months or even years after the wedding. Leaving the dress unattended, can cause permanent damage, such as stains that discolor or darken the fabric. It is recommended to get the wedding robe cleaned and preserved within six weeks after the wedding, to make sure that the risk of permanent stains is lowered.

If you have always dreamed of turning your wedding robe into a family heirloom, make sure to have it professionally preserved, but keep in mind that this process can cost up to $1,000 (even though it can be worth paying for it). Dry cleaning and preserving are not the same thing.

You can also choose to clean your dress yourself, but you need to be sure to read the label for special cleaning instructions. To be on the safe side, test the cleaning products on a small, hidden part of the dress to be sure they won’t react negatively on the fabric.

After having the dress cleaned, be sure to handle the dress while wearing white cotton gloves to avoid any oils or dirt in your skin to stain the fabric. Use a storage box and acid-free tissue paper. Avoid to store the box under the direct sunlight, in a damp place or exposed to harsh temperatures.

If you don’t want to preserve the wedding robe, what else can you do with it?

If you can use a sewing machine and are not afraid to see your dress in pieces, you can get crafty and turn it into something you’ll use and love, like a cocktail dress, some pillows, a scarf, Christmas ornaments, etc.

Other brides enjoy the idea of having a post wedding photoshoot called “trash the dress” and they have some pictures taken in more informal settings, such as the beach, a bowling alley, the forest, a paint battle, etc. Your imagination has no limits and you can choose meaningful places for you and your husband. The amount of “trashing” the dress is optional, you don’t have to destroy the dress completely if you don’t want to.

Another idea is to sell or donate your wedding robe. While the idea of selling it may sound daunting, taking it to a resale service can give your dress a second opportunity to make another girl’s dream come true. And if you’re in the spirit of helping less-fortunate brides, there are some organizations who accept these donations to help brides-to-be facing financial hardship or military brides in need.


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Your dress, your choice

Whatever you decide is the best option for your designer wedding dress, make sure it makes you happy and that it will be the best choice for you and your beloved dress!

Find the dress of your dreams at any of our bridal boutiques in NYC and preserve the greatest memory of the best day of your life with these tips!